How to Hide WhatsApp Chat (Step by Step Guidelines)

By | November 16, 2017

Whatsapp is a standout amongst the most utilized specialized instruments right now. Practically everybody has utilized WhatsApp in any event once, and has turned out to be one of our primary apparatuses to speak with family, chatter with companions, and even converse with organizations! Being such an indispensable piece of our regular day to day existences, it’s normal for us to have the need of keeping our discussions protected and private. Consistently, on the off chance that you don’t need anybody to peruse a private discussion, you erase the visit and that is it, isn’t that so?


In any case, imagine a scenario where you had vital data on a private discussion. You likely would prefer not to erase that discussion, as it might be a talk with a friend or family member or there are some truly imperative messages that can’t bear to be erased, that is the reason today on TechinDroid we’ll show you how to cover up whatsapp discussions iphone and Android, so no one can get to them.

Gladly, WhatsApp have the feature called chat archive function, where you can hide your conversations from the curious eye, it’s not the most known or used of WhatsApp’s functions but, it’s certainly the most effective for this task, be that on an Android or iOS smartphone.

Let’s start with Android, to hide a chat firstly, you must open the application and look for the conversation you want to hide by heading over to the ‘Chats’ tab.

Once you’ve discovered the discussion you need to cover up on Whatsapp, long press the previously mentioned talk, this will demonstrate you less choices on the upper right corner, one of them being “ARCHIVE”How to shroud WhatsApp on Android, tap on this and the chose discussions will vanish from your Chats tab. Along these lines you can likewise shroud numerous talks without a moment’s delay by choosing at least 2.

How to unhide Chat?

How might you get it back? That is simple, simply go to the finish of the Chats tab and there you’ll find an option that says “Archived chats”, press it and you’ll find all of your archived conversations.

To take the conversation out of there, long-press it once again and choose the option “Up arrow button” How to hide WhatsApp on Android

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